Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oldest UFO ???

Well I think I've done it.
While doing some cleaning, yeah I really do that sometimes. I came across a bag of old Candle wick materials. I have not done any  of this in a very long time. At the bottom of the bag were a few UFO's this one caught my eye.  Wow I remember working on this when my son was a baby ...He is 26 now.   So I do believe this is the oldest UFO I have.   It was supposed to be a cushion of some kind. Maybe if I keep looking the pattern will show up too....
Other reason I know it is quite old is the stitching , I used to spend a lot of time on getting my stitching just right and became quite good at it.
Many years, bad eye sight and a touch of arthritis later my stitching is not this acurate anymore.
This is one more UFO I hope to finish in 2010, darn, the pile is growing instead of shrinking.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A few fun things

Happy New Year !

This little bowl was fun and interesting to make.
Saw it in a magazine and I just had to try it.
 It is made with cotton clothes line rope and
 wrapped with fabric strips.
You zig-zag stitch as you wrap.
It  sounded complicated, but was actually
easy and fun. Quick to make too.
Plan on making a few more for
my" bag of a little something homemade gifts."

My grandkids love to play games,
So here is the little Checker Board I made for
 them to play with.
The checkers are made of little yo yo's.
It has little pockets built in the sides to store the checkers
and it folds in and ties shut to store it all.