Saturday, March 26, 2011

1st Saturday Club BOM"s

A few BOM blocks  from my 1st Saturday Club
The  Club quilters have decided to frame our
 Bom's from our finish kits as we go this time.
This will save a lot of time in December when
we put it all together.

More  BOM 's
  From Saturday Club
These looked so bright no one was sure about the color choice. 
  Then the shop owner showed us the finishing fabric
  It mellows it all out beautifly.

And last but not least  is some yummy new fabrics that
just came in the mail.

Finished Top

Series #6 Buck A Block

So happy to have this quilt top finished.
It is my most recent from the UFO pile
 A 2010 BOM- Buck a Block.
The setting stars were a challenge to get
right,but I'm happy with the results.

Only need to sandwhich and quilt it so I can check it off the list....Yeah!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What new?

Well I have been a little lax on posting,
 but I hope to update a little more often.
At least thats the plan anyway.

Got some great things for my  B-Day.
A few I got a bit early like my cutting table and light box.
 Don't know how I have managed so long with out them.
 My lovely daughter and grandkids spoiled me with some much
 needed sewing tools, and a very pretty new phone cover .

My light box

Folding cutting table
only 12 inches wide when closed
and I can use only 1/2 too.

New cutting square set & circle cutters small snips
 and a mini measuring tape.
Love having a cutting table. I have so much more space.
 Now my sewing cabinet is just for sewing.