Sunday, November 25, 2012

A few more Table Runners.

Got a few more more of these quick table runners done.
 Sold some at the craft show and the others are gifts.
Another crafter bought the Apple runner before the show started.
She said it matched her kitchen  done in apples and she didn't want
 someone to come along and buy it.
I gave the gift fabric runner to my sister Mel. I had promised to make her one.
She just loved the packages trimmed in gold. It is a fave Crissy fabric of mine.

 I just love the focus fabric on this one.

Apple and Holly Runner.

Holly & Gold Runner


Monday, October 22, 2012

Holiday Table Runner

Cardinal Table Runner

Love this focal fabric
   Quilted with Gold  Metallic Cardinals

Just finished this table runner. Can't believe how quick and easy it was to make. Very pleased with how the the Cardinals came out quilted on the ends, Have 3 more cut out to make with different focal fabrics. Making some to sell at the craft bazaar next month.  My friend talked me into doing another one.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Craft Bazzar Fnishes

Only two more days ..and I have been sewing like crazy.
Here are some more finishes .
Think I am done for now.
Need a day to pack  it all up and price things.

A few more tooth fairy pillows ...they sell well

Kids print fabric baskets

 Little Denim fabric baskets
Red and Navy Bag

I love this fabric...Keeping it if it doesn't sell.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Craft Show Goodies

Haven't posted for a while . Been busy sewing items
 for the little church Craft Bazzar.  My 1st one.
 Been trying to get at least 2 or more items
done each day...Time is going quickly . Hope I'll have enough.
Still have a lot of things on the cutting table too.
 August 4 will be here before I know it.
Here are a few of the finishes so far.

E reader Covers
 A few of my faves

A little pink fabric basket

Another cover almost done

AA few more baskets

Stack of corner book marks

Lots more work in progress

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Keepsake Quilt

Keepsake Quilt

The Picture Collage

I finally finished the keepsake quilt . I made it for Michelle.
She is the 2nd grade teacher I work with. This is her 1st year
 with her own classroom. She is a wonderful person to work with
 and I thought it would be great to make something for her to
remember this Special year by. The kids had to keep the secret for weeks.
Amazing to get 28 2nd graders to do that. We were quite sneeky as pieces
 of the quilt  came to  class to be signed and finished, while she was there .

 When I gave her the quilt she cried, she was so surprised. ( Happy Tears)
 The center is a collage of pics of  all the events and  fun thing the class has done all year.
 In the center of the pics it says "Mrs. White's 2nd Grade Class  2012"
Then it is surrounded by 28 little signed handprints from  all the kids.
The border fabric is crayons.
 I think this was one of the most  fun quilts I have ever made.
 I am so happy she loved it.  Happy memories!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

More E-Book covers

Finished a few more E- Book covers this week.
Even made a new one for my new Nook tablet .
The old one is a bit too short to fit.



My latest Saturday Club blocks  done.                                                                              


 Splurged on a few new books.
 Had them on my wish list and when they went on sale.
Well I just couldn't resist. I have been wanting to try this quick quilting  for a while.
And I have already  read the first 4 Marie Bostwick 's Cobble Court series.
This is book 5. 


Monday, April 9, 2012

1st Block Done

Here is the first 16" block of the strippy quilt done .
 I love all the purple fabrics.  They look even more Springy
now that I put it together...Only 11 more blocks to go.
With all the chain piecing and  using the quick method
to make the perfect star points without marking each one,
 it shouldn't take long.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Strippy Quilt

As if I don't have enough projects going on, I joined the
Strippy Club at Suze's Quilt shop....Saturday Club is only
 once a month and Strippy club is every other month.
Think I can do it  I loved the pattern as soon as I saw it .
 It is called Gallantly Streaming. I picked out the purple
 /lavender fabrics. They looked so Springy Can't wait to get
started. Stpips are already cut and ready to go.
 Most is chain pieced ,so it should go together quickly.

Hassock Gone Wrong

What started out to be a hassock for my sewing /computer room
has now become a beanbag type seat for the grandkids.
In the picture in my quilt magazine it shows this normal looking hassock
Sure didn't  look this big in the picture. As I cut it out I thought the pieces
 were a bit big,  but I kept going . I was using bigger seam allowances
 after all, not than the usual 1/4 inch of a quilt.   Well after putting it together
and using 9lbs. of fill if not more...this is what it looks like. Wow !!
It is too soft for my intended use. The grandkids were happy to take it over
 and plopped it in front of the TV.and thanked me for their new softie seat.
Guess I'll be shrinking the pattern down to make me one the size I need.
Good thing is I still have enough of this cute elephant fabric to make it.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

E- Reader Cover

Made yet another E reader cover .I had already
made a cover for my DIL Wendy's Nook , but she
 has the Nook tablet and the cover is too short .
 She liked this with the dog paws on it sooo . She
likes the bright prints.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Saturday Club Block

          My latest Saturday Club BOM

                Created with the EQ6
Love this block but the corner triangles
were  a challenge to set, the rest was easy.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow days & Mug rugs

We had a few snow days this week .No work
Had lots of time in the sewing room.
 Made some mug rugs between my other projects.
They are so fun to make.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quilt Top Together

Can't wait to to get this UFO done... Quilt top is together now.
Like how the star corner stones stand out in this pattern.
 I may have to keep this one. It was 2010 BOM.
 Only recently realized how much
 I like it now that it is together.

 2010  Thangle  Sampler

Ready to put this one together too. It's oneof my Saturday Club BOM Quilts.
Didn't like the colors at all when we started this one last year.
 I have come a long way in moving out of my comfort zone with color. I may even like it .
It kind of grows on you. Made a few changes here and there so will wait and see.
Just happy it made it back to the cutting table again and not the UFO pile.

A Few Small Projects

Made a few small things just for fun last weekend.
 It was a break from my much bigger quilt tops. 

 Black and White Coaster Set

Little Flower Hexi's

These are a few of the little flower hexi's I made after watching
a tutorial  a forum friend posted. Couldn't understand a word the woman in the
tutorial said( in Portugese) but the tutorial was easy to follow. I have a tablerunner pattern
  pattern that uses hexi flowers calledGrandma's Flowerpots

More E-Reader Covers

These covers are so fun and easy to make.
 Made one for my daughter and and one for a co-worker.
Helped another friend make one a few weeks ago too, but forgot
 to take a pic of that one..I even personalized that one with
her name inside.

              My Co -worker Sue's Cover
I Love the colors she chose for it.

My daughters Froggy cover

Love the lime dot fabric with the frogs

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nice Giveaway!

There is a nice giveaway over at
My Sister Made Me do It blog.
 It's a pre blogaversary giveaway...
Check it out......

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1st Saturday Club Block

We have started a new set of blocks 
for the 1st Saturday Club. Suze, the shop
owner has made the 2012 Quilt on EQ7 .
The pattern looks great.  We had a sneek peek.
 This is the January block. I think it is going to be
a scrappy quilt too. We have added some new quilters
and will be trying some new ideas as well.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Few New Things

Hope to blog a little more this year and not
 be a slacker  as I was in 2011. Thats the plan anyway.
So here are a few things Ive been working on
so far in the new year.

               Mocha Coaster Set

I made a few sets of these one
 to give away and one set for me.
        It's a quick pattern to make, got a set in retro
         colors on the cutting table too.

Started putting my Hexi's together.
Happy with the progress so far.


 Pillows I made for my 2nd grade reading class
 They love to lay on the floor with a good book.