Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Keepsake Quilt

Keepsake Quilt

The Picture Collage

I finally finished the keepsake quilt . I made it for Michelle.
She is the 2nd grade teacher I work with. This is her 1st year
 with her own classroom. She is a wonderful person to work with
 and I thought it would be great to make something for her to
remember this Special year by. The kids had to keep the secret for weeks.
Amazing to get 28 2nd graders to do that. We were quite sneeky as pieces
 of the quilt  came to  class to be signed and finished, while she was there .

 When I gave her the quilt she cried, she was so surprised. ( Happy Tears)
 The center is a collage of pics of  all the events and  fun thing the class has done all year.
 In the center of the pics it says "Mrs. White's 2nd Grade Class  2012"
Then it is surrounded by 28 little signed handprints from  all the kids.
The border fabric is crayons.
 I think this was one of the most  fun quilts I have ever made.
 I am so happy she loved it.  Happy memories!!!


  1. Gloria-this is such a lovely thing to do.I am sure Michel will have many happy memories each time she sees the uilt. It is amazing that the kids kept it secret. The quilt is stunning

  2. Now that is a huge achievement to get done! Such a wonderful thing to make , it looks fantastic. Well done!

  3. Just fabulous, Glor and a beautiful keepsake. No wonder there were tears shed, and how amazing that all those little ones kept a secret. :)

  4. A beautiful quilt of memories! What a wonderful idea, and I bet it will be treasured for ever.

  5. I am sure that will be a much treasured quilt. Well done.