Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quilt Top Together

Can't wait to to get this UFO done... Quilt top is together now.
Like how the star corner stones stand out in this pattern.
 I may have to keep this one. It was 2010 BOM.
 Only recently realized how much
 I like it now that it is together.

 2010  Thangle  Sampler

Ready to put this one together too. It's oneof my Saturday Club BOM Quilts.
Didn't like the colors at all when we started this one last year.
 I have come a long way in moving out of my comfort zone with color. I may even like it .
It kind of grows on you. Made a few changes here and there so will wait and see.
Just happy it made it back to the cutting table again and not the UFO pile.


  1. Love the quilt Gloria. Great colours.

  2. Replies
    1. Looks great Gloria, those corner stones are really nice

  3. Lovely quilt Gloria. It has a certain distinction!

  4. Love the colour way of your lovely quilt.



  5. THose colours are lovely. Nice quilt.