Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hassock Gone Wrong

What started out to be a hassock for my sewing /computer room
has now become a beanbag type seat for the grandkids.
In the picture in my quilt magazine it shows this normal looking hassock
Sure didn't  look this big in the picture. As I cut it out I thought the pieces
 were a bit big,  but I kept going . I was using bigger seam allowances
 after all, not than the usual 1/4 inch of a quilt.   Well after putting it together
and using 9lbs. of fill if not more...this is what it looks like. Wow !!
It is too soft for my intended use. The grandkids were happy to take it over
 and plopped it in front of the TV.and thanked me for their new softie seat.
Guess I'll be shrinking the pattern down to make me one the size I need.
Good thing is I still have enough of this cute elephant fabric to make it.

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