Friday, August 7, 2009

Some of my Favorites

All Ears Cat quilt

I made this cat quilt for my boss as a going away gift when she moved to a new school district. She is a cat lover.
This is actually the second one I made , the first one went to the Relay for Life Auction

Heather's Apple Coar Quilt

I started this one with favorite pieces of clothing from my daughter since she was born.

She now has 2 daughters of her own so I plan to add favorite pieces from her girls too.

With any luck one of them will like to quilt and keep adding on to it.

Just finished this one in the spring for my room.

It is one of my BOM - Buck a Block
Series Quilts

It really Brightens up my room.

This is my daughter Tamara's memory quilt. It has pics from birth to graduation
It was done in purple hues & set in T blocks. She uses it as a wall hanging.

Gordy & Wendy's Quilt
I made this king size quilt for my son & his fiance. The diamonds
were a real challenge to match , but after a few tries they came together. Whew!!! I was happy to see this one done.

I love Snowmen so this my all time favorite .

I love the name too....It's called" All Flakes Welcome"

This was my first attempt at real applique.

It took me almost a year.... I got very picky about it,

The joke was I just finished quilting it in May ...just in time for summer. lol

I can't wait to display it this winter on my hanging quilt frame.

This quilt was one of the first I ever made
& it is still everyones favorite .

Thats All For now.....


  1. Love your quilts but the Snowmen is my favorite.

  2. You do beautiful work Gloria. I too love the snowmen.