Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thread Catcher Bag

 I finally have time to get back into the sewing groove again.

I have a few projects in the works!

 This is a little thread catcher bag I picked up at Suzie's Quilt Shop.
 I really need one of these.  It sure beats  tossing my thread &
 scraps over to the little trash can next to my machine  table as I sew.
 I usually miss & the pile just grows & grows.
It was a quick & easy project too, only 2 FQ's a piece of oxygen tubing & some sand.  Goes together so easy.

I think these would make great little Christmas gifts for my sewing friends.

This one is one of my" Buck a Block " UFO's.

 I have it togather  finally, now it just needs to be quilted.   
Hope to finish it this weekend so I can put more time into the other 2 quilts I started for my DD & DIL.


  1. lovely quilt top Glor! The pincushion/ thread catcher is a great idea! I saw one recently in a book or online here somewhere. I agree that they would make a lovely gift. i have a penpal in Texas, she sends me Quilt Sampler magazine from time to time. I really enjoy reading about all of the quilt shops in your Country. :~)

  2. That threadctacher would be so good as a gift !