Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday Sew -in Results

Sunday was a cold snowy day sooo.....
I had my own little sew -in Sunday afternoon
and these are what I made.
I got the pattern from Karen (busy fingers)
and I've been wanting to make
them since my crocheted towels
are getting a bit worn looking.
I deceided to put 2 loops on the top
instead of one to make them look
like little aprons.  I like they way they turned out.
They go together so quickly .
Made 8 in one afternoon. I plan to make more when I find more cute towels .
Think I'll try adding buttons to some to  make them  like little sundresses.


  1. They look fantastic Gloria, They would make wonderful gifts! I am thinking I may make some for the ladies in my family thankyou!!

  2. Thanks Jilly ..I made them to share with my family & friends too.

  3. They turned out lovely. I like the way you did the ties.

  4. Gloria the towels look great and they put mine to shame so I had better make some new ones