Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Been A while......

Wow it has been months since my last post....

It has been a busy summer and I have not
quilted as much as I would have liked to,
 but I do have a few new projects underway.

I have also taken a few pics from my flower garden
which were really amazing in full bloom this year.
So I guess I will start there.

These are my faves. They just seem to get bigger
 and taller each year. The pink ones grew 3feet tall .

I love my flowering bush. It has not bloomed
 in 2 years, so I guess it likes all the rain and heat
we've had. It has been blooming for three weeks now. 

This is a pic of a little 3 toed tree frog that took up
residence in my grandaughters lawn chair.
He is there each morning hiding out in the shade of the deck..
He is lime green and gray.

Here is the new project I am working on.
My grandaughter Autumn loves everything Hello Kitty.
So we looked through her Kitty coloring book
 and picked out some pics for the blocks.
I have drawn up a design to use about 8 or so blocks
and some pretty borders and flowers to use too.

These are the blocks I have done so far.
Still have some embelishing to do on them but 
 I am  really enjoying creating them with my grandaughters
help. She is only 6, and she has  added her input
as to what will " really" make them look good.  


  1. Hi Glor, beautiful flowers, and lovely little frog, quite unusual colouring.
    I love the blocks you are making for Autumn, she will be so happy with her quilt when it is finished!

  2. What a marvellous idea using a colouring book for inspiration for blocks!:)
    The little frog has such delicate colours and would make a novel basis for a fabric design.
    Love those flowers:)