Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New stuff ...again

 Got a few deliveries in the mail last week. Can never have too much fabric, or patterns, or anything to do with sewing. At least thats my way of thinking.  I have waited for this 15 piece set for a while .. It was alwasys out of stock.
worth the wait I caught a good sale.

Then I just couldn't resist this Elephant print I have collected elephants of many types since I was 5 years old .  Have well over 2000 at  last count. Don't know what I'll make with it yet . Probably a bag of some sort.

 Hoffman Bali Batic -Pink Lemonade FQ's

These are my faves of the bunch so far

My new  Elephant Print

 Next came the Popcorn the Bear Panel
He is now going to be the back side of my
granddaughter Jewell's quilt. I have been searching
for this panel  for a while. 
It was always out of stock or only in a kit ,which I didn't want.
She now loves Hello Kitty like her big sister's quilt in progress.
sooo she wants a Hello Kitty quilt too, but with the bear on the back.
 she actually thinks he is a pic of Her bear Bubba.
 ( she doesn't go anywhere with out him)

Popcorn the Bear Panel

The real Bubba Bear

Bubba used to be soft and furry like Popcorn ,
 but he has been so loved in the last 4 years
he has lost his color and most of his fur.

A great Idea 
 The story is not over yet. Hope it is not too boring .
 Last weekend  Jewell and her sister
 Autumn were spending the night.
Autumn had this "I have the best Idea Gramma, moment"
 She wants me to take the pics of her Doll  Jumppy Baby
(No clue why it has that name)
She wants me to put a pic of her doll that is now thread bare and raggedy
on the back of her quilt and a pic of Bubba on the back of her sisters quilt
. That way they will never forget them when they grow up.

Jumppy  Baby
after 7 years of love

Rosie & Jumppy Baby

Rosie is the spare I baught in case the other was ever lost. 
but she always knew the original one even before when they looked new.
 Can't fool a kid with a fake beloved toy . I thought it was a good idea ,
so I will put the pics on fabric and use them for their quilt labels.
She saw me make the pics for the wedding quilt so I guess thats
where the idea came from. .
Guess there is always hope one of my girls will take on the love of sewing .
  Hope you enjoyed my little story with 5 granddaughters there is
always a story and lots and lots of drama..... but I love every minute of it .well most of the time anyway.


  1. Lovely fabrics, Glor! I saw the elephant fabric somewhere is it Urban Zoology?
    What a great idea to have the pictures of those much loved teddy/dolly on the quilts! I bought my nephew a little quilt when he was born a very looong time ago, he would not go to sleep without it, he chewed on the corners, he rubbed it on his face etc. When it was wsshed, he would sit on the ground under the clothesline and whinge until it was dry! :)

  2. Sandy's story about her nephew is the same as one of my boys. I love all your material. I am gradually coming around to liking Batik