Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dresses for the Wedding

Just finished the granddaughters dresses for My daughters wedding.
So glad they are finally done. Had a bit of a setback trying to find the right color ribbon to match the other brides maid dresses, but finally settled on a color after several other choices. 
Was that darn OCD of mine kicking in again, lol, had to have it right or keep on trying.
The girls look so cute in them. Can't wait for the wedding, only 25 more days.
Will post more pics after the wedding.


  1. Lovely outfits for the girls. They will love them. Look forward to seeing piccies of the wedding.

  2. WOW Glor- what can I say? They are just beautiful, those girls will feel like princesses in those gorgeous dresses. You have done a fab job! :-)