Saturday, September 19, 2009

Embelishment Mania

   I went to the holiday (Labor Day) tent sale at the craft shop like
                       I always do & I only planned to pick up some buttons for a BOM I'm working on.
   But when I started looking in the bin for the right ones, all these other ones were just begging to be picked.
I could not resist.  In my head I had a use for each & every pack I put in my little basket.
Actually I had about twice this many .... then I started to eliminate, it was hard to do, .but I hadn' hit
the fabric shop yet soooooo I only took these 18 packs home.

Next I went down the road a little ways to the fabric shop.  They had a holiday sale as well.
I found these:

Hope to use a few of these in some new blocks I've started.
The gold one is for a long lost UFO I can now finish.

Also found some cute flannels  to make some
cuddly raggedy quilts.

Picked out a raggedy patterns with diamonds and one with stars
to use with these instead of the usual squares.
Now I can't wait to get started .


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  1. Sometimes these things just follow us home , don't they ? Great fabric too !