Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Kitty Quilt

Started on the another Kitty quilt  for my youngest granddaughter.
This one is all done in bright colors to match the rainbows in the feature fabric.
 It also has a bright stripe and dot border fabric ...It sure is bright.
 She is watching me put it together..and she just loves all the color.
She has been dancing around the room wrapped in the fabric before I cut it .
So fun watching her little 4 year old mind at work telling me how to put this
 quilt together. Heres a peek at the progress so far.
Hope to put it all together this weekend.



  1. Lovely and bright, Glor- the rainbows are really great!- also the stripes- is that the backing?

  2. Thanks .Sandy it is the border fabric not the backing. It will be very colorful ,but it is what she wants..Backing is a Popcorn The Bear panel.