Friday, August 26, 2011

First FMQ Done

I finally got beyond my fear of FMQ and just put my practice skills to the test.
I have had this UFO sitting on the chair in my sewing room  for more than a year.
It was well past due to be quilted.. It is not perfect by any means , but I can live with
 the mistakes and hope to not make them on the next project . I chose a simple all over design.
It was actually fun and went rather quickly. I just have to remember to keep my thumbs
out of the way next time too.  Thankfully the safety on my machine shut it off before I
 did too much damage . Oh well Live and Learn.  My 2 little granddaughters  fixed me up with a
 bandaid and told me to be carefull next time. So all is good .

1st FMQ Finished

 A Meandering  Design

Backside of Design.


  1. Looks good, Glor. You have done a great job- pretty quilt, too. I am yet to attempt any kind of machine quilting. Saw a lady at the craft fair stippling- she made it look so easy but she has probably been doing it for years!

  2. Well done with your FMQ and thank goodness for caring grandchildren :). Like Sandy I'm still thinking about FMQ. Lol, I should try it asap as my arthritis won't disappear the older I become!!

  3. Looks good Gloria. I once read that stippling is the hardest FMQ to do. Lucky you had a nurse to tend to your wounds. May have to list FMQ as a dangerous sport.

  4. Your quilt and stippling looks excellent Gloria!