Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Wedding Quilt

Well I had planned on posting more often ,
 made some new things ,took the pics ,
then just never found the time to put them on here.
Now that I have all this time on my hands ,there is no excuse.

I have been working on this wedding quilt for my daughters friend for what seems like forever. But at last it is done and since I am one-handed at the moment it is going off to the quilt shop or she may be waiting another few months to get it.
All the white  satin and embroidery work is cut from her wedding dress and the prints are her colors of the brides maids  dresses. The dark green accent is just her favorite color. 
The pics are her original wedding prints that I put onto fabric .
Scariest part was fussy cuting someones wedding dress I procrastinated it for a month to get it just right .
I am so happy to be in the final stages of it's finish.  Have even added some of the dress silk to the backing  label not quite finished with that yet.
Here is the progress so far.


  1. Gloria, that quilt is simply gorgeous!!!!

  2. Gloria--Beautiful. You must be very proud of your work and I am sure the recipients will be.

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Glor. Pink and green are 2 of my favourite colours, too. What a wonderful gift for the young couple. :)