Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mothers Day Plant

This is the plant I got from my daughter Heather
 and grandkids for Mothers Day. It is a type of Bromeliad
cactus. This one is called a Flaming Sword.
It will get a beautiful bright yellow flower on the top
when it blooms ,I can see the start of the petals already.
Will post again when it is in full bloom.


  1. That is a striking plant ... what a lovely gift:)

  2. Hi Glor, that is beautiful. I have been in love with bromeliads for over 35 years, when a workmate showed me her collection. I have dozens of them in my shadehouse, some have the huge spikes, some have smaller ones, varying colours, some have leaves that open out flatter, and they turn red in the centre and get tiny flowrs right down in the middle. When the time is right, I will take some pictures. Some alo have dark or striped leaves. They are native to South America, some grow on trees without the need for any soil, they collect rainwater ( and insects) in the bowl of their leaves. :)

  3. Hi Sandy I would to see your collection I think they are beautiful too.....May have to get more.